Five Pawns e-juice


Five Pawns e-juice is a cut above many of the e-juices on the market. Rather than being made using harsh chemicals, Five Pawns uses all substances that are of “food grade”. Of course, Five Pawns e-juice also contains nicotine (unless you get the e-juice nicotine free). There are a number of different flavors that this e-juice brand comes in. These flavors include Symmetry, Castle Long, Grandmaster, Perpetual Check, Fifth Rank, Sixty Four, and others. Five Pawns prides itself in making very high quality products. In fact, some have even likened the product to high quality scotch or wine.

When you first look at the bottle of Five Pawns e-juice, you can tell something is different right away. The juice does not simply come in a small glass bottle. Instead, it comes inside of a cardboard tube that features the Five Pawns logo. It is quite uncommon for an e-juice to come in such an elegant looking bottle. The style of packaging is very reminiscent of an expensive whiskey.

The flavor of Five Pawns is also of a very high quality. The product has received extremely high reviews with regard to taste. Some people truly consider the products the best tasting e-juices on the market. The flavors used are connected to the five basic taste buds of sweet, salty, sour, umami (savory), and bitter. This leads to a taste that is essentially scientifically engineered to be pleasant to the taste buds! The name Five Pawns actually originates from this. Since there are five different taste types of taste buds, Five Pawns decided to make sure each bottle would hit each type of taste bud. The Five Pawns stands for the five types of taste buds. Not only that, but these creations were not cooked up overnight. Employees of the company spent many hours laboring over the designs of these delicious tasting concoctions. In fact, it took them 6 months to create each individual type of e-juice!

There are five main flavors of Five Pawns, but there are also additional types which you can find on eJuice Farm.

The first flavor is Grandmaster. Grandmaster has a very creamy and buttery quality to it. In addition to that, there are also banana, caramel, and peanut butter flavors.

The second one is Absolute Pin. Absolute Pin has an irish cream base. It also has cinnamon spice, caramel, and even absinthe tastes.

The third e-juice is Queenside. Queenside has a creamy base with French Vanilla and blood orange flavors. Bowden’s Mate is French Vanilla, chocolate, and mint flavored.

Finally, Gambit has a variety of different dessert-like flavors. It contains an apple pie flavor, French Vanilla ice cream flavor, and whipped cream taste. There are also limited edition flavors and specialty flavors are on the market from Five Pawns.

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