Apple Farm

Love Apple Farm’s quest: To preserve specialty heirloom varieties of tomatoes for future generations.

Current News

The Spring 2015 tomato plant sale is officially over! Thank you to all of my loyal customers, and sorry to those who didn’t get a chance to buy their tomato seedlings from Love Apple Farm this year. Don’t give up on me….like a true Cub’s fan, there’s always next season!


Love Apple Farm would love to have your help! Cynthia will open the gate on Mondays to welcome those in the community willing to put in a little time to support the cause of righteous tomatoes. You don’t have to come every Monday, you don’t even have to come for the whole day! Even an hour’s worth of weeding, raking, transplanting, or watering helps ensure that Love Apple Farm will continue to survive in the bug-eat-bug world of small family farms. No need to call ahead of time, just show up with a hat, a good sense of humor, and a willingness to put in a little slave labor.

legal advice


We got goats and a piglet! In late May we welcomed two young goats and a pot belly piglet to live on the farm. Ludwig, the white one, is a pygora. He’s a cross between an angora and a pygmy goat. His fleece is lusciously soft and he’s super friendly. The black goat is still a tiny baby. Her name is Vivaldi, and she’s a pygmy. The piglet’s name is Dahli and she’s adorable. The purpose of the animals is not just because they’re cute, but because they provide an important function for the farm. They eat a lot of garden weeds and brush, and then give us much-needed manure to compost and return to the garden, enriching our soil. It’s a very nice symbiotic relationship. Having farm animals in a residential area can create unwanted legal issues depending on zoning laws. If you are not sure what animals your city allows contact quick legal advice to look over the details.

Coming in mid June: a new flock of baby chicks! Cynthia listened to all of you who were very disappointed that she had to downsize and sell her flock of hens last year (don’t worry, they all went to a very good home of 4-H kids who have been treating them like the goddesses they were!). So a new flock of babies is set to arrive any day (or if you’re reading this after June 15, they are here!).

Farm Stand to Open in August

Love Apple Farm will open its tomato farm stand sometime in August. Cynthia doesn’t know exactly when it will be opened, because everything is dependent upon the weather. If you’d like to receive an email announcement of when the stand opens up, shoot Cynthia an email and ask to be added to her list.


Cynthia chose the name Love Apple Farm because back in the olden days, Europeans used to call tomatoes “love apples.” The use of “love” in the name is also a nod to the original owner of her farmhouse, built by the notorious bounty hunter Harry Love , an interesting figure in California history.

Also see a creative and informative internet blog on small farms (including Love Apple Farm) in Santa Cruz County by local wonder woman, culinary diva, and web geisha extraordinaire, Tana Butler:

Tomato Lectures and Seed Sowing Classes

Love Apple Farm hosts tomato lectures and classes on seed sowing, tomato plant growing, tomato cage building, and other related gardening topics.
If your class or organization would like Cynthia to come lecture on growing heirloom tomatoes (typically a two hour talk), please send her an email with your request.